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Art is the connecting point between the two levels of a reality; the physical reality in which we live, and the virtually visualized one as it is reflected in the artist’s thoughts, dreams, and day dreams. Art can extend in its ability to transform the assets and beings of the visualized reality to our physical one in the same degree in which it can take us there.

Our reality, civilizational achievement, suffers from human-made catastrophes. Consequently, our virtually visualized reality can hardly be liberated from this suffering. It has to be free anyway, because creativity doesn’t happen without freedom. Its freedom, however, lies in criticizing the form as we know it, the logic of thought as we know it, and in creating new forms and new logic.

How can we be against war and killing as we carry the same downgrading ideas about the body. If it wasn’t the thought that employs the body, its deployment through killing, selling, and prisoning in identified forms wouldn’t have been easy, simple and in the clarity in which we see it.

The smart body, that learns, suffers, thinks, dreams, lives, and dies is the very theatrical stage on which my paintings’ and color’s characters do move. These characters are pushed by their desire to bring their viewer into their worlds for a second or to move into the viewer’s world for just a second as well; not more.

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